December 5 Sermon: No Room in the Inn

Posted on Mon, Dec 6, 2004:

December 5 Sermon:  No Room in the Inn
Scripture:  Luke 2:7
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
            Joseph and Mary had traveled some 80 plus miles from their home of Nazareth to Bethlehem, about the distance from Dallas to Canton, to obey the ordinance that everyone had to return to their hometown for census.  Mary was heavy with child, in her ninth month.  The stopped at inns but found no room.  They ended up in a stable. 
            There are many folks like Mary and Joseph that find themselves locked out with no place to go.  There are many folks in everyday seems to be boxed in with no way out.  Is there any room in your inn?  I know itís close to Christmas now; you are going out of your way to put up decorations to make things look pretty, making room for company thatís coming.  But every day you see in your community and in your church, but you just pass by and wonít even speak, give a bit to eat.  Is there any room for Jesus in your life?  God should be ahead of the class in your life, God should be first in your life.
            You are putting up Christmas lights but you wonít let Jesus be the light of your life.  You are busy putting up your Christmas tree but you forgot about Jesus that hung on a tree.  Not only was Mary pregnant, but there are many of us pregnant today.  Pregnant with loneliness, hurt, insecurity, been carrying this load all your life.  The church should make room for you, show some concern.  You mean to tell me that you see a mother crying because her child is strung out on drugs?  You tell me you can turn your head with no feelings?  Let me tell you that what goes around comes around.  You may not be able to help them with food or give them money but you can pray for them. 
            If you make room, you have got to be willing to pay the cost.  Pay the price of forgiveness if you are going to be part of the fellowship.  Itís raining out there, raining heartaches and pain.  Itís the church that needs to help these people.  Iím glad that Jesus paid the price.  He paid it all.  Iím glad when I didnít have no place to go I could check into Hotel Jesus.  Jesus paid the cost; you are not working the front desk.  Jesus is.  Somehow, someway, He made room for me.  Iím glad over 2,000 years ago He paid the price with His blood.

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