December 19 Sermon: Proclaimer of the Good News

Posted on Sat, Dec 18, 2004:

December 19 Sermon:  Proclaimer of the Good News
Scripture:  Luke 2:9-16
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
            Each of us is required by God to tell the Good News, to tell somebody “unto us a child is born and a Son was given”. 
            There was a Savior wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger because there was no room in the inn.  It’s good to know after you receive bad news on your job, in your family, in your community, it’s good to know there is Good News.  There is a God that will bring joy to your world.  Everybody did not come to church this morning to wear their new clothes or catch up on the gossip, but came to hear the Good News.  God is able, He will make a way, He doesn’t care how broke you are, God will make a way.  There is good news in the midst of bad news.  The text teaches us that we are all privy to the Good News in the midst of our sorrow.
            I told you last week that the news was given to the shepherds, the working men.  If it had been given to the royal or rich, they would have kept it for themselves.  Angels brought great tidings of great joy to everybody.  Some of us need to share the News with that husband you left at home, that child you left in the bed.  Be careful not to exclude anybody but include everybody.  Be careful how you present the News.  How you present the News will affect how others accept it.  It doesn’t matter how much you shout on Sunday if your life is ragged during the week.
            The scripture tells us the angel of the Lord delivered the message.  The special angel always showed up: to Moses in the burning bush, to Zachariah when Elizabeth was with child, to Joseph to tell him that Mary had not been with another man.  Be careful of how you say it when you share God’s Word.  When the angels showed up, the lights shone all around.  You can’t do it if you are living in sin and you are all down.  When you talk about Jesus, people ought to see Him in you.  As Christians we have the awesome responsibility to present the News.
            If you are not the Proclaimer, you ought to be the Praiser that stands up and waves your hand and say “Thank you Lord”.  When you hear the Proclaimer, there ought to be some praisers that understand what God has done for them.  He’s healed you or made a way out of no way. 
            Understand that if it wasn’t for the Lord, you wouldn’t be here today.  You ought to praise Him, have a smile on your face.  God doesn’t need the angels; He needs man to thank him for being born, to start dancing for Him coming into your life.  He brought us from January 2004 to December 2004.  The Praisers should stand up and not worry about messing up your clothes, hair or make up.
            You need to lift up your hands and praise the Lord.  Say Hallelujah!

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