February 20 Sermon: Doing Good to All Men

Posted on Sat, Feb 19, 2005:

February 20 Sermon:  Doing Good to All Men
Scripture:  Galatians 6: 1-20
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
    Do good to all men regardless of whether you like them or not; regardless of whether they have the same last name as you; regardless of whether they are Black or white; regardless of whether they are rich or poor; regardless of whether they are standing on the corner selling crack or holding a 40-40 in their hand.  Itís a shame that we have to be reminded to do unto others the way we want to be done unto.  Itís a shame we as Christians carry our Bibles and crosses, but wonít even help those that hurt, wonít speak to each other or pray for each other.  Your Bible still says ďdo good to one anotherĒ.  You need to learn how to deal with your son, your boyfriend and stop worrying about her husband, her boyfriend, her children. 
    Do good, treat everybody right.  We need to be ready to be good.  God uses you as an angel to float through somebodyís life to sow goodness and love.  God presents you an opportunity to be good to everybody.  You wonder why so much hell is in your life, why your children are cussing you out.  You donít seem to understand when you talk about that sister, when you mistreat somebody elseís child; someone is going to talk about you and mistreat your children.  The reason we are not ready is our hearts are not right.  You think you got Rev. Williams fooled, but God knows your heart.  Many of you dabble around in sin, you know itís wrong because the preacher done told you, Mama done told you.  If your heart isnít right on the inside, it shows up on the outside.  Those drug dealers telling you they got it going on Ė they are lying because they donít have a bit of land, no car in their name and they are still living at home with Mama.
    If you plant seed in due season, it will come up.  Keep on planting goodness, love and integrity, pretty soon you will reap what you sow. 
    Verse 1 tells us the reason many of us donít do good is we have not been properly restored back in the fellowship with love, kindness, the spirit of meekness.  You find you are still playing tit-for-tat.  The reason many donít come down for prayer is because they know some church folks are going to the ďhell-a-phoneĒ and say ďI canít believe they came down for prayerĒ.  Everybody knows what you are doing and how you are living because you havenít been properly restored.  We sit in church holding grudges, waiting for someone to fall so you can walk all over them like they did you.  Do good unto all men especially them in the household of faith. 
    Verse 10 shows another reason many of us donít do good is we put restrictions on things.  There are Black folks who will only be good to white folks when they have folks right next door to them that have no groceries in their cupboards.  There are certain people in the church who only want to be nice to certain folks with certain last names.  You want to help New Hope but not the drug addicts or the wino.  But the Bible says to be good to all men.  There is no restriction on Godís love. 
    Be careful how you mistreat a child of God.  That child has the blood of Jesus on them and a hedge around them.

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