February 27 Sermon: Do You Really Love Your Neighbor?

Posted on Sat, Feb 26, 2005:

February 27 Sermon:  Do You Really Love Your Neighbor?
Scripture:  Luke 10: 25-27
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
Many of us come to church Sunday after Sunday waving our hands saying ďThank You JesusĒ and donít speak to the person sitting beside us.  Iím talking about New Hope and Wynne Community. 
The reason many of us canít have compassion for one another is because we have not learned how to love our neighbor.
If you really love your neighbor, you will go get them and compel them to come.  But many of us are just like the priest and the Levi in the text, we just want to be noisy and go and look.  Not only do we need to learn to go get them but we need to reach down and help them.  Forget about messing up your nails, leave your comfort zone.  You need to learn how to bring them to Jesus because they need Jesus in their life.  You will show Jesus to them in the way you walk and the way you live. 
Iím glad this morning that Jesus loves me.  Arenít you glad Jesus loves you?  If you cannot love your neighbor, stop asking for prayer.  There is no use asking God to bless your child when you are cursing your neighborís child everyday.  You canít claim to be a child of God if you donít love your neighbor.  When you mistreat your neighbor, it comes back to you.  

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