March 6 Sermon: Lord, Can You Hear Me Now?

Posted on Sat, Mar 5, 2005:

March 6 Sermon:  Lord, Can You Hear Me Now?
Scripture:  Psalm 17: 1-6
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
When you hurt, He hurts.  It is not a matter of whether He feels you; it is a matter of “Lord, can you hear me now?  I need you to come to my rescue”.
David is in trouble.  He’s on the run; he’s hiding out in caves, hiding from King Saul.  Here he is sending out a distress call, he wanted to make sure there was no static on the line to interfere with his distress call.  God cannot hear you when you are praying from the wrong location.  You have sin in your life, you are caught up in pride; you think you have the solutions for yourselves, you are praying from unforgiving positions, you want God to forgive you but you hold onto the sins and transgressions of others and hold it over their heads – you are praying from the position of denial.
I don’t care how long you pray, how long you sweat, God is not going to hear you until you change and get in the right position.  Many of us can’t get a prayer through because we have a phony petition – many of us are not sincere and think we can fake God out.  He knows you are not going to walk away from the sin you are in.  You can’t fool God.  God can’t hear you if your heart isn’t right.  You need to learn how to pray from the right position. 
Although David was in a damp dark cave, he was in the right position.  The Lord showed up in David’s nights.  God will hear you when you pray a sincere prayer and pray with a clean heart.  That’s why David said “search my heart and if you find anything, take it out and straighten me”. 
Make sure your petition is sincere; make sure your walk match your talk.  Anybody here been in trouble with your back up against the wall?  Just say “I need your help” and He will hear you.  He will come to your rescue.

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