February 8: Christian Love is a Gift from God

Posted on Sat, Feb 14, 2004:

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February 8:Christian Love is a Gift from God

††††††††††††††††††††††† Romans 5: 3-5

††††††††††† Have you ever noticed how good your heart feels when you see the joy in the eyes of someone youíve been a blessing to?That personís gratitude and tears of joy are shared by God.Even when we are experiencing our own trials and tribulation, sharing and caring for others can be therapeutic.Godís grace and mercy are poured upon us like a protective covering; a much needed gift.As we put the needs of others before our own, we find our load is lightened and we are able to take another step forward.

††††††††††† Christian love is sacrificial.Even Job, despite his own suffering, (Job 42:10) goes before the Lord in prayer for his friends.When we intercede for others, God is pleased.Jobís gift from God for his obedience was blessings twice more than before.

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