April 10 Sermon: Bring It To The House

Posted on Sat, Apr 9, 2005:

April 10 Sermon:  Bring It To The House
Scripture:  Malachi 3: 8-12, 11-13
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
I hope you hear what the Lord has to say to you this morning.  If you want God to pour out blessings, if you want God to move in your lives, if you want God to bless your house, He canít bless your house if you donít bless His house. 
We are living in a time when people are getting laid off work and there are not enough jobs.  No matter what is happening in the economy, let me tell you that God is the same and will take care of us right now just like He did our grandmothers. 
There are some who plan to do right, they have and they give to the Lord.  There are some that have already made up their minds that they are going to keep giving that same one dollar every Sunday.  Those are the ones that walk out every Sunday and rank up their new cars, wearing their new clothes and talking negative about whatís going on at ďthat churchĒ.
Let me tell you, we the church are responsible for meeting the needs of the people.  We have the responsibility to touch and teach our neighbors.  If you have provisions in your house, there ought to be provisions in Godís house. 
Remember when Jesus took the two fish and five barley loaves and fed the masses?  He didnít just feed them physically but spiritually also.  There are hurting mothers whose children are out there on drugs.  These mothers are hurting.  They should not have to run uptown to get help, they should be able to get help right here in the community.  God is not going to be mistreated.  We have a responsibility.  The only way we can do this is have provisions here in Godís house.  It makes no sense for our kids to be limited to Wynne Community Ė just walking back and forth Ė we need to make provisions for them to go see things outside of Wynne.
No matter what you are making, bring it to the house.  Iím talking about the tenth.  Not only should you bring it to Godís house for provisions, but it also brings blessings to your house.  Look at verse 12.  Until you do it, to get protection in your own house, bring it to the house.  If you bring it, your crops and fruits wonít die on the vine.  We wonder why thereís so much confusion.  Itís because you wonít reach into your pocket and bless God real good.  If you want things to work, bring it to Godís house and He will pour you out blessings you wonít have room enough to reserve.  Itís better to be blessed by God than by man.  Man has to walk up to you and hand it to you.  God just pours His down for you to receive.
Have you ever been in the pouring rain without an umbrella and you get dripping wet?  Thatís the way I want to be with Godís blessings.  He wants us to try him and trust him.  I donít care what you are going through, bring it to the Lord.  He will give you his all and all.  Watch God bless you real good.  Watch God do thing that are impossible.  Bring it to the house. 
Donít cut God short.  Bring him what already belongs to him.  You see, God allows us free will.  God want you to give freely.  God is not like the IRS.  They donít trust you to give them whatís due them; they take theirs right off the top before you even get yours.  God trusts you to give him back freely the tenth

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