April 24 Sermon: I'm Pressing Towards My Blessing

Posted on Sat, Apr 23, 2005:

April 24 Sermon:  Iím Pressing Towards My Blessing
Scripture:  Philippians 3: 13-14
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
This lifeís journey is tough.  It gets hard sometimes and you want to give up.  Many of us want to walk away, but just like M.C. Hammer says ďitís too legit to quitĒ.  Many of us are troubled by external pressures, the bad economy, you canít find jobs, you are struggling just to make ends meet, and you are experiencing family issues.  But you canít let any of these things slow you down.  You have to keep on struggling.  Church folks walk in with their Bibles on Sunday morning and cuss you out on Monday.  You canít let church folks stop you from pressing towards your blessing.  I dare you to tell Satan ďget thee behind meĒ.
If you really want to press, you have to learn how to forget.  Just throw it away, it's not helping you.  You might as well forget it because it's not doing anything but making your blood pressure rise.  Itís slowing you down.
Forgetting also means forgiving.  Many of you wont even forgive yourselves.  You stop coming to church because you messed up.  That means you donít think God love you that much to forgive you.  He loves you and forgives you.
Like Paul said ďIím pressing towards the mark of a higher callingĒ, press forward, not backwards.  I understand things will stand in your way, people will mistreat you, and they will lie on you Ė but keep pressing.  The Lord is in the front. Joy is in front.  Sadness is in the back.  I know sometimes as you press forward, you will get knocked down.  But God has a healing for you, keep pressing towards your blessing.
There was a woman in the scriptures that had an issue of blood for 12 years Ė 12 years of suffering in her life.  But one day Jesus came to town, she decided to save her money and stop going all over the country to the different doctors and go to Doctor Jesus.  She pressed her way through the crowd and touched the hem of His garment.  She was healed instantly.  Donít let anybody stop you from pressing towards your blessing.
Stand on your feet if you know God is able.  Keep pressing.  God is getting ready to bless you.  Keep pressing.  I know things didnít work out, I know you are tired, but keep pressing towards your blessing.  Keep praying.
We sit around congregating and dwelling on past mistakes and past issues.  You have to learn how to forget and get past it.  Press forward.  The past holds you back.  Press forward.
Iím pressing towards my blessing.

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