May 1 Sermon: Shouting Grounds

Posted on Sun, May 1, 2005:

May 1Sermon:  Shouting Grounds
Scripture:  Joshua 6: 9-16
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
We are on our way to our shouting ground.  Many of us canít make it to our shouting grounds because of walls of trouble, walls of disappointment and walls of sickness.  Israel is on their way to their shouting ground, headed to houses they did not build and crops they did not plant.  Here we are this morning, on our way to our shouting ground.
The walls are not to hurt us, they are there for your protection, to teach you how to pray and follow the Lord.  You have to learn what the walls are for.  You have to learn how to go through the process.  In order for gold to be gold, it has to go through a process.  God is not going to take you to your shouting ground until you get that hell out of you.  So stop whining and complaining about what you are going through.  You are going to come through it as pure as gold.
God doesnít want us leaning against the walls in our lives.  We need to knock down the walls.  We have to go through a process, He might put us through troubles, but only because we need to make it to our shouting grounds.  There are three procedures to follow to make it to the shouting grounds:
1.      Get Up
2.      Line up
3.      Shut Up
Every day in the text, they got up early in the morning.  Stop wallowing around in your pity party. Get up with pain in your heart.  Get up with pain in your spirit.  Get up when things donít work out.  Get up. 
The text says they lined up the same way every day of the week.  The reason many of us havenít reached our shouting ground is we havenít learned how to line up.  There are many things we can reason and think our way out of, but we need t line up so you can have make it to your shouting ground.  You have to learn to get up and line up but you also need to learn to shut up. 
There are times to talk but there are times to be quiet.  We need to learn to shut up and mind the command of the Lord.  As they marched around those walls, people stood around talking and saying they were crazy.  But the preacher told them to shout.
Iím asking you to shout ďthank you LordĒ for bringing you out making a way out of not way, for all the things you have done.  Thank you Lord for all things.  Thank you for our shouting ground.  We donít have to wait for a new church, we can shout right here.  He deserves the glory.  Ainít He alright.  Thank God that we are headed to our shouting ground.  Lots of disappointment, lots of ups and downs.  The Lord has taken us through some storms and rain, but He has taken us to our shouting ground.

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