Sept. 11, 2005 Sermon: Help Is On The Way

Posted on Sat, Sep 10, 2005:

Sept. 11, 2005 Sermon: Help Is On The Way
Scripture:  Matthew 14: 22-28
Sermon delivered by Pastor Fred Williams
One of the things ringing in the ears of the wake of Hurricane Katrina disaster is the federal government had enough resources to get the people out of New Orleans before the tragedy struck.  Many people were heard saying ďdonít nobody care about usĒ.  One of the worse feelings you can have is to be in trouble and nobody help you.  Many of you have helped many others back to their feet and now you are down and they wonít even help you.  It hurts that people with resources wont even stoop down to help you.  You say ďI gave her a ride when her car was down and now sheís riding and wonít even stop to give me a rideĒ.  Just hold on a little longer, help is on the way.
God said he would always be with you and that he would never forsake you.  Someone here this morning is drowning in pain and sorrow; bills are over taking you; just hold on a little longer, help is on the way.  Just because you canít see God doesnít mean God canít see you.  The reason many of you canít see your blessings is because you are focusing on the storm.  I realize when you are sinking in your sea of troubles, you donít have time to look around to see God or have time to pray.  But God sees you.  Many of you canít understand why man canít see what you are going through but God can.  Man canít see you choking back tears but God can.  Many so called Christians canít see with eyes of compassion and love, but God does.  All they are concerned about is ďme, myself and Ií, ďI got mine, you need to get yoursĒ.  Somebody needs to know that although blessings are delayed, blessings are not denied.
When the disciples were out on the boat and the storm was raging all around them, Jesus came to their rescue in the fourth watch Ė to deliver them from the storm.  I know help is on the way. Even though I canít see him, I know he sees me.  When Jesus shows up in your life, he will show out.  He will deliver you out of your storm.  Stop waiting for people to give you a hand out because God will give you a hand up.  Peter decided to step out of the boat and walk toward Jesus.  He stepped out on faith.  I encourage you to trust him and never doubt him.  When he shows up and stretches out his hand, just accept him, trust him.
If your friends walk away, just trust him because Jesus is on the way.  If your family doesnít understand, Jesus is on the way.  If your bill collectors hound you, Jesus is on the way.  When you were down and out and didnít have a place to go, didnít he come to your rescue?  Donít give up on God, because help is on the way.

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