Women’s Mission, Wednesday October 19, 2005

Posted on Thu, Oct 27, 2005:

Women’s Mission, Wednesday October 19, 2005, taught by Sis. Barrie
How To Study Them
1.  When you open your Bible never forget that it is God’s word, not man’s word.
I know you have heard people say the Bible was written by man.  Whit that is true, the words were inspired by God as inspiration, history and guidelines for us to use and live by.
1 Thessalonians 2:13 – In the New Testament the Word of God refers to the preaching of the Good News, the Old Testament or Jesus Christ himself.  Today we apply it to the Bible.  We need to remember that Jesus Christ himself is the Word (John 1:1).
2 Peter 1:21 – The scripture did not come from the creative works of the prophets own invention or interpretation.  God inspired the writers, so their message is authentic and reliable.  God used the talents, education and cultural background of each writer.  God cooperated with the writers in such a way to ensure the message He intended was faithfully communicated in the words they wrote.
2.  Read your Bible as if it were written for only you.
Romans 15:4 – gives hope as we wait for God’s promise.  The knowledge of the Scriptures affects our attitude towards the present and future.  The more we know about what God has done in the past, the greater our confidence in what He will do in the days ahead.  We need to diligently read our Bibles so we can have confidence that God’s will is best for us.
2 Timothy 3:16 – The Bible is not a collection of stories.  Through the Holy Spirit, God revealed his person and plan to certain believers who wrote down his message for his people.  This process is called inspiration.  The writers wrote what God wanted them to write using their own words, languages and style.  The Scripture is completely trustworthy because God was in control of the writing.  The Bible is “God breathed” so we should read it and use its teachings to guide our conduct.  The Bible is our standard for testing everything else that claims to be true.  It is our safeguard against false teachings and our source of guidance on how to live.  It is our only source on how to be saved.
3.  Study with prayer, making the psalmist’s prayers yours.
Psalm 119:18 – God’s laws were given to free us to be all He wants us to be.  They restrict us from doing what might cripple us and keep us from being our best.  God’s guidelines help us follow his path and avoid paths that lead to destruction.
4.  Study with meditation, expecting help, comfort, blessings, and success in living for God.
Joshua 1:8 – We need to be strong and courageous because our tasks will not ease; we need to obey God’s law; and we need to constantly read and study the Book of the Law – God’s Word.  You may not succeed by the world’s standards but you will be a success in God’s eyes – and his opinion lasts forever.
5.  As you read pray.  “Thou light of life shine into my heart, and reveal thyself to me now from
thy word”.  Study to know God’s will and do it; be Christ-like in life, holy in living, and humble in service.
John 7:17 – Those who attempt to know God’s will and do it will know that Jesus was telling the truth about himself.  When you hear someone teaching or preaching The Word and if you wonder whether they are telling the truth, it is easy to test them
Ø       their words should agree with the Bible, not contradict it
Ø       their words should point to God and His will, not to themselves
Cleanse your life by the application of the Word.
            Psalm 119:9 – We are living in a world of sin, surrounded by many impurities.  Everywhere we look, we find temptations.  Here it asks how we stay pure in a filthy environment.  This question was asked in biblical days should tell you things haven’t changed.  We still face the same issues today.  Like then, we still need to realize we cannot do it on our own but we need counsel and strength more dynamic than the tempting influences around us.
Where can we find that strength and wisdom?  By reading God’s Word and doing what it says.

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