November 6, 2005 Sermon: How to Live Victorious

Posted on Sun, Nov 6, 2005:

November 6, 2005 Sermon: How to Live Victorious
Scripture:  2 Corinthians 10:1-6
Sermon delivered by Pastor Fred Williams
We have the victory of what Jesus did for us.  Because of Jesus, we are not the tail, we are the head.  Because of Jesus, we are not the victims but the victors.  Many ask “how can I live victorious when Satan is always raining on my parade?”  Let me tell you victory has nothing to do with you, it has to do with who is running your life. 
The problem why many saints can’t enjoy the victory is because of the strongholds on our life – all kings of evil things that have us boxed in.  Because of these strongholds, w can’t have victory in Jesus.  You have got to learn how to use the weapons that Jesus gave you to tear down the strongholds.  
There are strongholds in this community.  There ought to be some barbers in this community.  There ought to be some beauty shops, some repair shops in this community.  But we won’t support one another. 
There is a stronghold right here in this church.  There is no problem with people bringing chicken or coming to Sunday School – the problem is people won’t come to church due to a stronghold.  You are caught up in yourself and think you are holier than thou.  Unless you get rid of the strongholds, this church can never be what God meant it to be. 
Loneliness is a stronghold – get rid of it.  Bitterness is a stronghold – get rid of it.  How do you pull down the strongholds?  Look at verse 4 “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds”.  You want to use your anger and your bitterness to pull down your strongholds.  But don’t you know you have weapons?  Satan can’t control you if you just use the weapons God gave you.
God gave you many weapons but there are three weapons Christians ought to use everyday.
1)      Praying – you better learn how to pray.  Don’t tell people you don’t know how to pray.  Praying is just talking to God.
2)      Preaching – Preaching lifts up your spirit.  You have to hear the word of God.  You can’t come every other Sunday or when you feel like it.  You need to come every Sunday.  Preaching is the mule that pulls the wagon.  Singing is alright, praying is alright, but if you want strongholds to come down, you need some preaching.  It’s the only way to shake up a church.
3)      Praise – Praise Him anyhow.  Praise is a weapon that lifts up Jesus.  Praising him will tear down strongholds.  If you want victory in Jesus, praise the Lord, should hallelujah; praise his holy name
If trouble is in your heart, praise him.  Praises will lift up a hung down head.  Lift up your head in the name of Jesus.  Your blessings will come down.

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