January 15, 2006 Sermon: Trust in The Word of God

Posted on Thu, Jan 19, 2006:

January 15, 2006 Sermon: Trust in The Word of God
Scripture:  Luke 5: 1-5
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
I will trust in the Word of God.  Regardless of what you are going through, I stopped by to tell each saint to trust in the Word of God.  Regardless of what folks say or how they say things are going to work, keep your trust in God.  Keep your total trust in the Word of The Lord. 
It amazes me that folks put more trust into what man says rather than in the Word of The Lord.  There are people that pay folks to read the lines in their hands.  Well, if thatís what you want to do, thatís okay by me but I am going to trust in the Word of God. 
People walk around all day waiting for 4 oíclock for Oprah because they feel if she say it, it must be true.  But donít they realize Oprah does not have a heaven or hell to put them in?  Somebody needs to learn to put their trust in Godís method.
In the lesson, Peter was a fisherman.  If anybody knew about fishing, Peter did.  He had been out fishing all night and caught nothing.  But God told him to go out to a different place.  Peter obeyed and tried a new thing.  He trusted in God.  You have to have the right motive, a clean heart and the right spirit.
You have to be willing to hear the right message.  Just because the doors of a church are open does not mean the Word is being preached.  God wants us to preach the word of God.  In the lesson they came to hear Godís Word.  In verse 1 it say they pressed to hear the Word of God.
You have to be willing to move.  Jesus told Simon to cast out into the water.  God did not intend for us to be stagnant.  If you believe in His Word, you have to move when God says to move. 
He told Peter that He knew he was through fishing, you have washed your nets, but I donít want you to go home.  Go out into the deep.  Many of us donít want to move because itís comfortable around the banks.  But blessings are out there in the deep.  At the banks you are limited but in the deep there is no limit.  On the banks you are just dreaming dreams but in the deep you are catching dreams.
If you truly trust Him, you will move.  If you trust Him you will walk on water if He tells you to.  We walk by faith, not by sight.  When Jesus told Peter to cast out into the deep, I imagine a little doubt came into his mind but he trusted Jesus and put out into the deep.  When he cast his net, he caught so many fish it broke his net.  Thatís what trusting is His Word will do. 
Donít put your trust in man; donít put your trust in preachers, but put your trust in the Word from Genesis to Revelation.  Trust in Godís Word.  Thatís all I want to tell you.  I know you have been toiling, going through heartaches and pain but God said itís all right.  He has it in control. 
Peter put his trust in Godís Word.  He said I will launch into the deep.  Though the storms of life are raging, my soul is anchored in the Lord.  I donít know about you, I donít care about trials and tribulations because my soul is anchored in the Lord.   

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