Sermons from the archives: Is There No Balm in Gilead

Posted on Sat, Apr 29, 2006:

January 22, 2006 Sermon: Is There No Balm in Gilead
Scripture:  Jeremiah 8: 22
Sermon delivered by Rev. Mark Porter
There is sickness all around.  I heard the report of Brother Aaron Hart, Brother Nick Baldwin, Brother Parker, and my mother Sister Porter.  Some of you asked ďIs there no balm in Gilead?Ē  Many of you here today need a healing touch in your body and in your family.  Some of you have a child that needs a healing touch in their life; some of you need a healing touch in your marriage.  You can try to go to Oprah or Dr. Phil or anyone else but there is no one that can turn things around like Jesus can.  No one can wipe away tears like Jesus can. 
Jeremiah, on this morning, wrote this to Godís people.  He noticed the conditions of their sins.  He realized Godís people had a sickness that was killing them.  The sickness was sin.  Heard him ask ďIs there no balm in Gilead?Ē 
Some of you are asking the same thing today Ė heal the alcoholic, the drug dealers, the drug addicts, the sickness of sons, the sickness of daughters, and the sickness in Wynne Community.  Yes, there is a balm in Gilead.  In this district where this herb was known, Jeremiah asked ďIs there no balm in Gilead?Ē  The wound is so deep we wonder if there is anything to rid the wound of infection.
The balm in Gilead is priceless, you canít find it at First Monday or Walgreenís or Wal-Mart.  You donít have to pay a co-pay; you donít have to worry about the high cost of a doctor visit.  This balm is free.  All of us have access to this balm.  Jesus paid it all.
The balm in Gilead is plentiful.  Donít worry about long lines at Mother Francis.  You donít have to go through CVS drive through.  Just get beneath the blood of Jesus and He can heal your soul.  Itís here and can heal you today.  Thereís enough blood today for Nick, Mother Porter, and Brother Hart.  The blood didnít stop on yesterday, itís here today and thereís enough to go around.
The balm in Gilead is powerful.  The healing ointment is powerful and itís potent.  Itís strong enough to break through any sickness.  No matter how stressed out you get, itís strong enough to calm you down.  We know the power of a fervent prayer availeth much.  I can tell you itís the power of God that brings you through.
The balm in Gilead will never lose itsí power.  The blood will pick you up and give you what you need day to day.  When they put Jesus on the cross over 2,000 years ago, they stretched him wide and the blood same streaming down.  Itís powerful enough to heal you on today.  Thank God for the balm Ė it can heal you.  That balm in Gilead is Jesus.

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