Bible Study March 28

Posted on Thu, Apr 1, 2004:

Bible Study March 31: Seeing Life from Gods View &

Life is a Temporary Assignment

Taught by Rev. Porter, Asst. Pastor

Points to Ponder

I. How do you see life?

II.Three Biblical Metaphors about Life

1.Life on Earth is a Test

Tests in Life build...(Give examples)

Love, faith, character, obedience, integrity and loyalty

God tests us in many ways. What are some examples?

What are some biblical examples of how God tested a person(s)?

..Abraham was tested by asking him to offer his son as a sacrifice

..Jacob was tested when he had to work seven extra years for

Rachel to be his wife

Every day is an opportunity to deepen your character, to

demonstrate love or to depend on God.

2.Life on Earth is a Trust

Stewardship is our over-seeing or taking care of what belongs to


Rewards of faithful stewardship are ________________,

___________________ and _____________________. (Matthew 25:21)

3. Life on Earth is a Temporary Assignment

What are ambassadors? (2 Corinthians 5:20)

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