April 18 Sermon: Confrontation with Jesus on the Road of Damascus

Posted on Sun, Apr 18, 2004:

April 18 Sermon: Confrontation with Jesus on the Road of Damascus

Scripture: Acts 9:1-6

Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams

††††††††††† Paul was given authority to go into Damascus to bind anyone shouting the name of Jesus.He was given letters by the Sanhedrin priests as authority.There are church folks today who get excited to see you down just like Saul.But something happened to Saul to make him change his mind and make a complete turnaround.He had a confrontation with God.Itís amazing some of us walk around with our chests stuck out thinking we are ďall of thatĒ until God breaks us down.Please understand no matter who you are or what you have, you are not bigger than God.He is still in control.

††††††††††† Let me ask one obvious question ďwhat was Paulís problem?ĒAll of us have problems.Saul had problems with apostles (preachers).Look in the third chapter of Acts and the eighth chapter.Some of us are caught up with religion instead of being caught up in a relationship with God.When you find yourself confronting God, you canít win.Many of us have trials and tribulations because we try to fight against Jesus.When Saul surrendered to Jesus, he went from confronting to consenting.

Whatever road you are traveling, God is trying to lead you to your purpose.Why was Saul on the road to Damascus?God needed somebody to bring the new to the Gentiles.He used old wretch like Saul to turn him around, to stand in Damascus and preach the word of The Lord.Donít matter what you have been through. Tell God you will go where ever He wants you to go and do whatever He want you to do.When you consent, watch Jesus make a way out of no way.

Stop fighting God!You will be blessed when you consent.

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