May 23 Sermon: What Man Lives By

Posted on Sun, May 23, 2004:

May 23 Sermon:  What Man Lives By
Scripture:  Matthew 4:1-4
In our pastor’s absence, the sermon was delivered by Guest Minister Rev. Melvin Barnes, Jr. of Kingdom Living Christian Fellowship in Cedar Hill, Texas
Rev. Barnes started out by giving analogies of the buzzard, bat and bumblebee.  If a buzzard was put in a closed in area, it would not be able to fly and would soon die because it needs a certain amount of space to “taxi” before going airborne.  The bat would not be able to fly if it was placed on a flat surface.  It needs to be on an elevated surface to jump and become airborne.  If a bumblebee was put in a jar without a lid, it would die because it would not see the open top, just the closed insides of the jar.  In many ways, we have people today just like these three.
The formula for spiritual success.  The Holy Spirit kept Jesus company during His temptation.  We are indwelt by the Holy Spirit.  You have to know who is doing the leading.  If you follow the lead of the Holy Spirit, you will learn something.  When you put your physical needs before your spiritual needs, you have sinned.  Don’t let your circumstances dictate your action.  Let Jesus’ agenda rule in your life.  Satan never gives up or gives in.  You have to learn to tell Satan you are not going to let him steal your joy.
We should be encouraged by the Word.  We should read the Word and apply it to our lives.  Abide by the Spirit.  Satan can appear as light but he is not The Light.  When you are tempted by the devil, all you have to say is three words “It is written”.
Build up strong spiritual bodies; lay up your treasures in heaven, not on earth.  We are in the wilderness, but the wilderness does not need to be in us.  Somebody knows what it’s like to have Jesus in you.  Jesus fed the multitude, turned water into wine and prayed.  But He is still able to hear our prayers.  He was put to death but is still able to keep us from all situations.
Jesus is the Word.  Live by the Word.

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