May 26 Bible Study: The Heart of Worship

Posted on Mon, May 31, 2004:

May 26 Bible Study:  The Heart of Worship
Lesson taught by Asst. Pastor Porter
Our Bible Study lessons are taken from The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren – a chapter each week until the book has been completed.  This week the lesson was taken from Chapter 10.
Points to Ponder
I.  What does it mean to “surrender”?  Refer to Romans 12:1-2
            Submit; yield; give up
II. What areas of our lives do we need to surrender?
            Past regrets; pride; fear; family; money; jobs
III. How can you tell a life is surrendered to God?
            Obedience (is better than sacrifice); Holy Life
IV. There are three areas that block our total surrender to God:
     1.      Fear
              a. Trust is an essential ingredient to surrender.  The more you realize how   
               much God loves you, the easier surrender becomes.
              b. God is not a cruel slave driver or a bully who uses brute force to coerce us
               into submission.
     2.  Pride
             a. The desire to have complete control causes much of the stress in our lives
             b. We want to have it all and do it all and we become upset when it doesn’t
     3.  Confusion
              a. Surrendering is not repressing your personality.
              b. Surrendering allows you to trust in God instead of trying to manipulate 
                  others, force your agenda, and control the situation
               c. Surrendering says, “Father if this problem, pain, sickness, or
                   circumstance is needed to fulfill your purpose, please don’t take it away”.
V.  There are blessings that come when you totally surrender to God.
            1.  You experience peace.
            2.  You experience freedom.
            3.  You experience God’s power in your life.

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