February 1 -If You Can, It Can Be Done

Posted on Sun, Feb 1, 2004:

Today’s Message:  If You Can, It Can Be Done

Scripture:  Mark -23

Pastor Williams delivered the sermon today.

You can’t always stay on the mountain, you have to go down in the valley as well.  The mountain is a place you do not have to deal with the issues of the world and is symbolic of worship service.  The valley is where you have to face the issues and go through trials and is symbolic of the world or worldly things.  But we need to leave the mountain to go in the valley to serve.

The reason the disciples in the scripture could not heal the demon possessed boy was because they had no faith.  If you believe, God can change your life and He can make a difference in your home. 

We need to confront the problem of “no faith” (v.9).  God wants to move us from “it can’t be done” to “all things are possible”.  If you have the faith, God has the power.  Another problem we have is we confound and constrain our faith (v. 22).  The cure is God wants us to trust in Him and never doubt Him, believe in Him and He will make a way out of no way.

Too many of us have more faith in man than we do in God who is above all.  Just remember “if you can, it can be done” because all things are possible through God.  Have faith in Him.

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