Sunday June 13 Sermon: How to be a Friend in the Midst of Tragedy

Posted on Sat, Jun 12, 2004:

Sunday June 13 Sermon: How to be a Friend in the Midst of Tragedy
Scripture:  Job 2:11-13
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
            There are folks who are glad to see you down and out. There are ďdrive bysĒ everyday.  Nobody wants to stop by to see whatís going on.  But Jobís three friends thought about Job. And decided to stop by and check on him. 
We need to learn how to be a friend.  If you have a friend who will be there for you, who donít turn bad on you with the weather, you better thank God for that friend.  Some of us donít trust folks, we donít have anyone to pray for us.  Some of us donít have friends because we are guarding our privacy.  When you bare your soul to your friend and by the time they get in their car to leave, they are already spreading your business on their cell phones.  Thatís not a friend. 
Price can destroy friendship.  We need to learn to prioritize our time to help a friend.  Whatís important to you?  Hanging out on the corner with the fellows instead of teaching your child to read?  If you canít spend time praying to God or helping out a friend, we are not true friends.  We need to learn to lay aside our personal problems and remember ďitís not about meĒ.  The world does not stop just because you have a problem.  There are people that have problems bigger than yours.  When you start ministering to others, youíll learn how to look out for others instead of yourself.
            In Chapter 37 Elihu, a friend came on the scene.  Now this was a true friend that pointed out to Job the magnificence of God.  God is a true friend.  All you have to do is call on Him even when Satan is after you or when you are going through trials Ė God is standing by your side.

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