July 25 Sermon: I Will Not Come Down

Posted on Sun, Jul 25, 2004:

July 25 Sermon:  I Will Not Come Down
Scripture:  Nehemiah 6:1-8
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
            This is a message to all of the haters, all of the evil spirits in your life, all your Satan running buddies and friends that are determined not to let you go forward in life.  Tell them “I will not come down”.  You have to be care of the plots and plans of Satan. 
            We have been talking for the past three weeks about the building of the walls.  They are done now except for the gates.  Be careful of who you meet with.  You are deemed guilty by association.  Satan uses the trick of guilt. 
            God has a purpose for each of us in our life.  If you are to reach your purpose, you have to hold on to God’s hand.  Keep on working.  Keep on building.  You must work the work while it is day.  People may mistreat you.  You might get weary along the way.  You might get depressed.  But don’t come down.  After a while your work will be done and God will say “well done humble servant”.
            New Hope, hold on to this message.  Keep working.  Keep laboring.  Hold on.  Don’t get weary and don’t come down.  God is getting ready to bless you.  Tell Satan “this joy that I have, the world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away”.  Don’t come down – that’s the message.

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