Jan 18: God Commands Human Beings to Love Him

Posted on Mon, Feb 2, 2004:

The Womenís Mission meets the†third Wednesday of the month at .This section contains the weekly lessons.Each week, a new lesson will be added for your study, review, and discussion.If you have questions or need clarification on any points, send an email to Pastor Williams at Fredwms01@aol.com and someone will respond.

January 18: God Commands Human Beings to Love Him

††††††††††† Exodus 20: 106; Deuteronomy 6:4; Mark 12:28-30

††††††††††† In order to receive Godís love, we must reciprocate that love through obedience (Exod. 20:6).Love is the first commandment of God.The love of God is not exclusive to His children, but the whole world.He requires that we go forth into the world to spread His love as an act of our love for Him.Through examples of good Christian living and faithful obedience to His Word, we honor Him (Col. 4:6).

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