August 15 Sermon: Learn How to Trust Him

Posted on Sat, Aug 21, 2004:

August 15 Sermon: Learn How to Trust Him
Scripture:  Proverbs 3:5-6
Sermon by Pastor Williams
            Lifeís ups and downs should teach you to lean on the Lord.  There might be some of you here that donít have any problems; you have money in the bank and food on your tables.  But there are some here that have hell in their homes, hell on their jobs, no money in their pickets and they know what Iím talking about.  I believe that God puts you on your back so you can look up to the Lord.  I believe that God puts us in a place that we canít call on nobody but Him.  Learn how to trust and call on The Lord.
            Learn how to accept the directions from your Father.  Donít question Him, just accept His directions.  Many of us donít accept His direction because we believe God with our heads instead of with our hearts.  We spend more time trying to figure it out instead of letting God deal it out.  This is a heart thing, not a head thing.

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