October 3 Sermon: Been There, Done That, Still Not Satisfied

Posted on Sat, Oct 2, 2004:

October 3 Sermon:  Been There, Done That, Still Not Satisfied
Scripture:  Ecclesiastes 1: 2
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
            The preacher in this passage is Davidís son Solomon who had cattle and land could tell you that he had been there, done that and still was not satisfied.  Those of you looking for a party over here, a party over there, going from Tyler to Terrell, you are still not satisfied. 
    Solomon had had it all but it was all vanity.  He was considered wise and made wise decisions.  You recall how he resolved the situation with the two women both claiming to be the babyís mother?  But what profiteth a man if he gains the whole word and loseth his soul?  Everything that God made was good.  Go back and read Genesis.  Some of you are scratching trying to get rich, but no matter how rich you are, if you donít have God, you still donít have anything. 
    One fact is we all must die.  No matter your color, race, stature, when they put you in the grave and say ďashes to ashes, dust to dustĒ all that stuff is left behind and canít do anything for you. 
    There are three things that must be satisfied in our lives: mind, body and soul.  What about your soul?  Some of us spend all our lives trying to get our bodies right.  Our bodies might look good on the outside, but theyíre dirty on the inside because we are not right with God.  The only thing that can comfort you in the midnight hour is Christ. 
    I donít have a lot of money but I got Jesus on the inside.  All of this stuff on the outside is going to rust and pass away.  Sooner or later your eyes are going to get dimmer, your steps will get shorter, only what you do for Christ is going to last.  Iím satisfied with Jesus, Heís enough for me.  Are you satisfied with Jesus?  I got Jesus and my soul is satisfied with The Lord. 
    Cars, diamonds, money, land Ė all of that is vanity and itís going to fade.  Even if you hold onto it until you die, you canít take it with you.  Itís all vanity.  Jesus is the same.  You can take him with you.

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