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July 2006
Frontal view of Sanctuary
Viewed 821 times
July 2006
Sanctuary from musician view
Viewed 878 times
July 2006
Center aisle view
Viewed 723 times
July 2006
Sanctuary view from pulpit
Viewed 755 times
July 2006
Sanctuary with three aisles of pews
Viewed 720 times
July 2006
Pastor & First Lady Seating for Installation
Viewed 603 times
The Pulpit & Choir areas
Viewed 721 times
Podium & musical area
Viewed 707 times
The Organist area
Viewed 713 times
Another view
Viewed 731 times
A view from the front of the Sanctuary
Viewed 709 times
Another shot from the rear
Viewed 742 times
Rear view of Sanctuary with temporary seating
Viewed 762 times
The foyer / entryway
Viewed 770 times
Side view
Viewed 858 times
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