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November 7 Sermon: What To Do When You Donít Know What To Do

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November 7 Sermon: What To Do When You Donít Know What To Do

Posted on Mon, Nov 8, 2004

November 7 Sermon:  What To Do When You Donít Know What To Do
Scripture:  Exodus 14: 13-20
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
 Have you ever found yourself surrounded by the issues of life that you didnít know what to do?  You find yourself walking the floor all night long, wringing your hands, red eyed from lack of sleep.  The decision you make today will have an affect on your children tomorrow.  What do you do?
 What are you going to do?  Mountains on the left, mountains on the right, bad relationships in the back of you.  But God is getting ready to bless you real good in front of you. 
 The Children of Israel were standing on the banks of the Red Sea, they had just been released from bondage, they left friends behind, they couldnít fight Pharaohís army, and they didnít have the strength to climb the mountains.  Nobody had taught them how to swim.  All they had was the Lord.  Like many of you, friends have gone on down the road, your finances have dried up.  The Lord is all you have. 
 There are two things you need not do when you donít know what to do:
 ō Donít be scared
 ō Donít fly back into sin
You are scared of being isolated, scared to get out of your comfort zone because itís easier to be left alone living in the condition you are in.  Many of us canít go forward because we are scared.  You have to realize the opposite of fear is faith.  Why would you want to continue to live in Egypt?  Who would want to be a slave?
 You need to learn how to stand still because God is trying to show you out of a situation.  Some of you are ripping and running, getting up at 6 in the morning, going to work but you havenít said one word to God.  Some of you came to church, passing notes, making eyes back and forth to one another.  God wants you to stand still and hear what thus saith The Lord.
 It is night time and the storms of life are all around you.  The time when God talks the best to His children is late in the night hours when everything has been shut down.  God is trying to give you directions out of your situation.  You want to know what to do, you ought to learn to stand still where you can hear better.
Christians need to learn how to operate in faith. Faith will cause you to listen and see what God has in store for you.  Moses stood on the banks of the Red Sea, he told the Israelites to stand still and have faith in The Man.
 Iím talking to someone thatís facing a Red Sea of doubt, tribulation.  When you are in the midst of the Red Sea, trust in the Lord with all you heart and lean not to your own understanding.  Put your trust in the Lord, He has the power in His hand.
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