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January 2 Sermon: Itís Good To Be Here

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January 2 Sermon: Itís Good To Be Here

Posted on Tue, Jan 4, 2005

January 2 Sermon:  Itís Good To Be Here
Scripture:  Matthew 17: 1-5
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
 All the things we went through in 2004, somebody in the house knows itís just good to be here.  Itís good to be in the land of the living one more time and to be able to fellowship.  I would rather be in the presence of the Lord than sinners on their way to a dying hell.
 Jesus had just spent six days teaching to the others and He separated himself along with Peter, James and John to take to another level.  When they got there, Jesus transfigured himself before their eyes.  I can use my spiritual imagination to know they were seeing what no one else had ever seen.
Peter knew he was in the midst of good company.  He saw Moses, the Great Emancipator.  He saw Elisa who stood with 400 on the mountain and said bring it on.  You got your gods and I have my God.
 Iím sick of people walking around all the time mad at the world.  Iím sick of people hating New Hope, their deacons and their pastor.  Deliver me from these people because I know Iím in the midst of good people that love the Lord as much as I do.  I want to hang around folks that enter the courts with thanksgiving that will wave their hands like they donít care.
 Peter stood back and saw just a glimpse of Godís glory and got excited.  Canít you just imagine what will happen when we get to heaven and see Him in his full glory?
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