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January 9 Sermon:  What To Do When The Brook Dries up January 9 Sermon: What To Do When The Brook Dries up

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January 9 Sermon: What To Do When The Brook Dries up

Posted on Sun, Jan 9, 2005

January 9 Sermon:  What To Do When The Brook Dries up
Scripture:  1 King 17:5-12
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
 One reason God lets the brooks dry up in our lives is so we can come to the conclusion that the brook is dry.  Some of us go through life wearing rose colored glasses.  Some of us wonít get up and do what God has told us to do. 
 Why do many of try worldly ideas to get blessings from God?  You can pull on as many slot machines as you want, but the brook is still dried up.  If God has dried it up, you might as well accept it.  When God dries it, ainít nothing you can do to wet it.  When we wear rose colored glasses, we see all the wrong in others but not in our own life.  Thereís nothing worse than a person not coming to the reality about themselves.  God dried it up so you can get up, stop wallowing in your past situations, get up and let God take you to a new place.  God has never shut a door without taking you through another door He has opened.
 God told Elijah to go down to Zarephath Ė thereís a widow woman who has just a little meal and a little oil that she was going to make a cake for her and her son to eat and die.  Many of you go to the brooks, there is no water, and there is no raven there to bring you any bread.  Many of you are on the verge of giving up.  You say you are not going to that church anymore; you are just going to stay home.  But God will make a way out of no way, so donít give up, just give it up.  Give God all of your joy, give God all of your hallelujah, and give God all of your thanks.  Watch God make ways out of no way, donít throw in the towel.  Hold on to Godís unchanging hand.
 The preacher told the widow woman to give him the last cake.  I can just imaginer people standing around telling her not to.  But when you give to Jesus, give him your all and He will open doors and windows to pour out you blessings.
 You got to get up and walk away from the sinful life you are living.  When you get up, you have got to listen up, not to Mama, not to the naysayer, listen to the Lord.  Continue to give your mind, body, soul, talent and money to God Ė give Him your all and all and watch Him bless you.
 Every blessing you get donít come from the Lord.  Some people make deals with the Devil and what you call a blessing is a curse.  Stop worshipping your provisions; theyíll dry up on you.  That job you worked on for 15 years can dry up, that savings account you had can dry up on you.  When your back is against the wall, then you realize that God is able.
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