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Sermon March 20:  Lord, I Hear You Now Sermon March 20: Lord, I Hear You Now

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Sermon March 20: Lord, I Hear You Now

Posted on Sun, Mar 20, 2005

Devotion Scripture Colossians 3: 1-11
Sermon:  Lord, I Hear You Now
Scripture:  Psalm 85: 1-8
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
If your heart is not right, God cannot hear you.  If you want the Lord to hear you, you have to say “Lord, I hear you now”. 
I encourage you to listen to what the Lord has to say to you.  There is nothing more frustrating than to pour your heart out to someone and they are not paying attention to a word you are saying.  Prayer is a two way street.  We talk to God through prayer.  He talks to us through the Word.  How can you hear from God if you don’t pick up your Bible?  How can you hear from God if you don’t take the time to come to Bible study?  How can you hear from God when you come to church sporadically?  The reason we are struggling this morning is because God is trying to talk to you.  You are telling him what you want but you are not listening to what he wants. 
We see in the verses how the psalmist made a request to God of what he wanted.  What is your prayer request this morning?  In the text verses, the psalmist asked to be blessed.  In verses 4, 5, 6 and 7, we see seven requests being made.  In verse 8 we see the psalmist saying “I’m going to wait right here for your answer”.  We have been praying for a healing in our body, but we are so vindictive.  The psalmist prayer was not selfish.  Many of us want to pray for me, myself and I.  We pray selfish prayers.  The psalmist prayed for salvation and for healing of the nations.  It was not superficial.  Some of us pray for what is on the outside to impress friends and not what is on the inside.  God has something greater for you than this superficial stuff. 
Look at verse 8, God’s response was peace.  If you have hell in your home, that means you are not listening to God because God gives you peace.  While you are trying to get back at your enemy, trying to figure out how to pay that bill, and all you really need is prayer. 
When you come to church, you ought to be ready to hear from the Lord.  But many of you can’t see past the man to hear what God has to say.  You see the man that has the same problems you do, the man that has flaws.  If you truly listen to God, you will walk away from sinful things instead of wanting to do things you used to do.  Your responsibility is to walk like the Lord, not walking the path of sinners but in the path of righteousness. 
I’m just the mail man delivering the mail.  You need to open it up.  When there is peace, prosperity will follow.  Psalm 122:7 says let “peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces”. 
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