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June 19, 2005 Sermon: The Influence of a Godly Father June 19, 2005 Sermon: The Influence of a Godly Father

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June 19, 2005 Sermon: The Influence of a Godly Father

Posted on Sun, Jun 19, 2005

June 19, 2005 Sermon: The Influence of a Godly Father
Scripture:  Matthew 1:19-24; Luke 2: 41-49
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
We see in the scripture how fathers have made an impact on their children - from Genesis to Revelation.  We see how Adam made mistakes that had an impact on his children; how Abraham took his son Isaac up to the mountain to offer as a sacrifice; how Isaac showed favoritism between his sons.
I need to ask you fathers a question this morning – what kind of an impact do you have on your children?  Whether you admit it or not, many fathers have a negative impact on their children’s lives.  Many fathers will hear: “my father was a rolling stone”, “my mother had to hunt him down for child support”, “my father was never around when I was growing up and needed him”.
Age 1-2 Jesus had to grow up in Joseph’s house and Joseph must have had an impact on Jesus life.  The first thing we get from the text is Joseph loved his wife.  If you want to influence your children or future children, learn how to love and treat your wife.  Your son is watching you, how you teat your children and how you treat your wife in front of your children has an impact on your sons.
If you want to influence your children, learn how to live a righteous life.  Verse 19 tells us how Joseph lived a righteous life.  We live in a time that people feel the end justifies the means.  We have a church folks that show up in church all decked out in their new suits that they just bought hot on the corner.  If you are not living right, don’t expect your children to live right.
Let me talk to you Sisters that are saying you can’t find a good man.  It’s because you are looking in the wrong places.  You need to find a man that loves the Lord and he’s surely going to love you.  Make sure he has a mind to work.  Keep God before your children.  In Luke, we see Jesus at 12.  In the Jewish faith, boys become men at 12.  That could be the reason we don’t hear about Joseph after that because Joseph had taught Jesus everything he could.  
If you really want to influence your children, teach them the wages of sin is death.  They ought to see God in your home.  As you make it in life, you can’t make it without Jesus.  In the way that you walk, let them see God.  In the way you talk, let them see God.
To every Mother that is raising children by yourself, their father can’t be found – don’t let that hold you down, just show them Jesus. 
Whether you believe it or not, you children are watching you.  Love your wife.  If you are not married to her, treat your baby’s mama right.
Keep God before them. Don’t leave your children at home; bring them to church so they can hear about Jesus.
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