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April 11 Sermon: The Summation of the Story

Posted on Mon, Apr 12, 2004

April 11 Sermon: The Summation of the Story

Scripture: Luke 24:1-7

Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams

††††††††††† What is the summation?He died, He rose and He lives.I always say that ďEaster is Godís Super BowlĒ.Everything that Jesus did brought him to this conclusion.Jesus died an awful death!He had to die in order for us to receive eternal life.In order for you to enjoy life eternal you have to die.Let that within you die, it has to be nailed to the cross as Jesus was.Jesus got up on the third day early in the morning.Resurrection means stand up again.He lives again.Proof is in the scriptures.Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.He is alive because itís something different in my life.He walks with me, talks with me.This is not the end of the Jesus story - only the Resurrection story.God is not through with us yet.He is still saving souls.Itís not the end, itís just the beginning.If Jesus had not died, we would not have salvation or a right to the Tree of Life.

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