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April 11: The Beatitudes and the Ten Commandments

Posted on Mon, Apr 12, 2004

The Womenís Mission meets the†third Wednesday of the month at .This section contains the weekly lessons.Each week, a new lesson will be added for your study, review, and discussion.If you have questions or need clarification on any points, send an email to Pastor Williams at and someone will respond.

April 11:The Beatitudes and the Ten Commandments

††††††††††† Exodus 20; Matthew 5:12

††††††††††† Both the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes are directed toward changing the lifestyle of Godís people.The Beatitudes are promises that reverse the lifestyle of suffering and humiliation.

††††††††††† God promises us a great reward in heaven when His children are persecuted and endure suffering.Often we are persecuted and ridiculed just for being Christians.But to suffer for Christís sake is a privilege that should cause joy.Because His Son Jesus suffered and died on the cross, the Father rewarded Him with a seat on the right of His throne.Jesus persevered in suffering and continued to follow Godís Word, and He was blessed with everlasting life.Everlasting life is a reward that the Father desires to bestow upon His earthly children for our commitment to Him.

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