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April 17 Sermon:  Nothing To It, But To Do It April 17 Sermon: Nothing To It, But To Do It

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April 17 Sermon: Nothing To It, But To Do It

Posted on Sun, Apr 17, 2005

April 17 Sermon:  Nothing To It, But To Do It
Scripture:  1 Samuel 15: 1-5, 18-22
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
Itís amazing, a man can teach a dolphin to swim in the ocean and jump through hoops to entertain man, but God cannot get man to obey His Word.  Man can teach a bird to fly to one side of town and back, but God cannot get man to do the will of God and do exactly what He say.  If you really want God to bless you, you have to obey Him, obey His Word, and obey His will.
As I labored over this text, I didnít just think of New Hope, but about Christians everywhere, why they wonít do exactly what God commands. God has told many of you to let go of some stuff thatís not right, but man has made a decision and said ďIím not going to do what God is telling meĒ.  Many of us just donít believe in what God is saying. 
We sing it on Sunday and shout it on Sunday, but we donít have true confidence in God.  When you are a soldier in the Army, you have to follow the commands of your superior.  And if you do, you get promotions and rise up in rank.  But you donít obey God, your Commander.  God doesnít need your approval.  He is God all by himself.  God will bless you if you obey his commands.  Many of us donít obey God because of a contrary spirit.  People are divided into three categories:
 They obey and donít question
 They obey but ask questions
 They have the spirit of contrariness and donít intend to do anything you tell
 them to do
Disobedient children will shorten their days.  Saul was given a specific command.  Many of us just love to fish, they donít like what God has told them to do, so they just go down the street asking other people their opinion.
Many of us have made serving God so complicated.  We tell people they canít dome to Christ and be saved if you live a certain way, do certain things.  Stop making things so complicated.  Accept Christ and He will clean you up and lead you to do the right things.
Want to know why you are so miserable?  Because you wonít obey God.  Want to know why you have so many problems in your life?  Because you wonít obey God.
Iím trying to help you.  Some of you have been wrestling with the same issues all the 12 years Iíve been here.  Itís time to stop wrestling with it.  You need to stop talking, saying I stopped going to that church cause they ainít right.  What is funny is that those same folks you donít go to church with on Sunday are the same people you run up to in Wal-Mart on Monday.
If you want to be blessed, obey Godís Word.  Godís word is a direction for your life, not Oprah, not Dr. Phil Ė but Godís Word.  Follow His directions.
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