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April 3 Sermon: At the King’s Table

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April 3 Sermon: At the King’s Table

Posted on Mon, Apr 4, 2005

April 3 Sermon:  At the King’s Table
Scripture:  II Samuel 9: 1-5, 11-13
Sermon delivered by Assistant Pastor Porter
We experience God’s grace every day of our lives, even though it is not deserved.
David was almost killed over 23 times by King Saul.  It was David’s friend Jonathan, the king’s son that helped him escape death many times.
When Saul and Jonathan were killed by the Philistines, Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son life was spared.  In II Samuel 4 tells the story how when Jonathan and Saul were killed, Mephibosheth’s nurse took him and rand to escape.  While running, she fell and the fall broke both of Mephibosheth legs.  Just like his legs were broken, many of us are broken this morning, our lives and relationships. 
When David inquired of Saul’s descendants, Ziba came forth and told him of Mephibosheth living in Lodebar, a barren land.  God is calling us today out of the barren lands and situations.  Many of us think of ourselves as nothing, as dead dogs.  This Mephibosheth in Lodebar thinks of himself as broken.  No matter where you are or what you have been through, God will bless you to set at the King’s table. 
We come before God as filthy rags, but God will bless you to sit at the King’s table.  One thing about God, no matter where you are, God will see after you.  God remembers you, not because of what good family you came from, not because of what you drive, not because of where you live, not because of how much money you have in the bank.  But because of Jesus Christ.  He will fetch you out of your situation.
“I Found The Lord Just In Time” is the name of a song.  I beg to differ with this; the tile should be “The Lord Found Us”.  The sheep were lost from the Good Shepherd and could not find their way.  The Good Shepherd found the lost sheep.
Because of his relationship with Jonathan, David told Mephibosheth that he would take care of him and he was to come sit at the king’s table.  I’m glad on this morning that God found me and let me sit at the King’s table.  There are some benefits of sitting at the King’s table.  Philippians 4:19 says “My Lord will supply all your needs according to his riches”.  The Bible says lands, the earth and all thereof belong to the Lord.
When you are adopted by God, you are no longer outside; you are now a part of God’s family.  When you sit at the King’s table, you have access to the King, to the Lord.
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