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August 14, 2005 Sermon: A Church That Will Not Keep Quiet

Posted on Sun, Aug 14, 2005

August 14, 2005 Sermon: A Church That Will Not Keep Quiet
Scripture:  Luke 19: 37-40
Sermon delivered by Pastor Fred Williams
Regardless of what man has to say, I will not keep quiet.  Regardless of whether you want me to shut up and sit down, I will not shut up.  I believe the church ought to be getting their praise on and getting their dance on.  The church ought to be making so much noise on Sunday morning that the police have to come to tell them to be quiet. 
God has done too many things for me to keep quiet.  Jesus in the test is riding through the streets of Jerusalem, his ministry is about to come to an end.  The scripture said that the people took off their coats so Jesus could ride on them.  Thatís one of the reasons you canít humble yourself to worship God because you have on coats you need to pull off Ė coats of jealousy, coats of envy, coats of hatred. 
You hate her and donít even know the reason.  The coat of sin has you weighed down.  Some of you are quiet this morning because sheís looking at you and you are afraid what she will say about you after the service is over.  Let me tell you, there comes a time when you need to stop worrying about your hair, stop worrying about your makeup or stop worrying about what they are going to say.  Just stand up and praise God and say ďgo Jesus goĒ.
I donít know who was in that crowd Ė could have been that woman with an issue of blood Ė could have been the little boy whose lunch fed the multitude Ė but they praised him for his mighty works.  Take your right hand, take your left hand, and praise him for being God all by himself. 
When Satan tries to come into your house, you have got to speak up and let everybody know that I love the Lord.  There comes a time when you have got to let the world know that I am his child.  When somebody tries to prevent you from waving your hand, they are a Pharisee.  There are some in your church on Sunday morning that donít want you to worship the Lord; they donít want to lift up his name.  He has rocks that are ready to praise his name. 
Look where God has done for us.  Look where he has brought us from.  God worked it out, God fixed that thing.  Thatís why I canít keep quiet because God has been good.  As long as I can walk and talk I am going to praise his name.  Iím going to wave my hands.  Iím going to praise his name.  Iím not going to keep quiet no matter what Satan has to say.  God has been too good to you for you to keep quiet.
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