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Be Good & Do Good Be Good & Do Good

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Be Good & Do Good

Posted on Mon, Jan 26, 2004

Sunday January 25, 2004†

Sermon Topic:Be Good & Do Good

Scripture:†††††††† Galatians 6:10

Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams

The primary focus of the sermon was learn to be good and kind to everyone.God wants us to learn to live a moral life, pray for one another, comfort each other, and have concern for each other.Itís sad that Christians have to be reminded of the golden rule Ė to be good to one another and to love one another.You canít pick and choose.You have to be good to all men especially those of the Household of Faith.

God will always send an opportunity our way to do good.We need to be ready to pray a prayer for someone who needs the Lord in their life, to give money, to give a ride or whatever is needed.All the material things you accumulate donít matter in the end.Itís what you do for others.Many of us are not ready because our hearts are not right, weíre still carrying old grudges and we donít understand the spirit of restoration.

Paul points out in Galatians 6:1 that if we see a brother down, we need to go to them to help instead of publicizing their weaknesses or faults.Donít restrict our goodness, donít pick and choose, but extend to all men.God is no respecter of persons.

Make sure you are good to the redeemed ones who have been bought with a price and have become part of the family.Be careful how you treat a child of God.Remember Godís promise to Abraham was ďIíll bless those that bless you and curse those that curse youĒ.God will bless you if youíll be good and be good to everybody.Donít worry about them returning it; the blessing is not in them returning it but in what you do.

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