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Bible Study April 7: The Reason For Everything

Posted on Thu, Apr 8, 2004

Bible Study April 7: The Reason For Everything

Taught by Rev. Mark Porter, Asst. Pastor

Points to Ponder

I.Define the ďglory of GodĒ

††††Itís who God is.Itís the external manifestation of Godís internal†

††† qualities.Heís powerful, loving, merciful and everlasting.

II. Where is the glory of God?

††††Itís everywhere and in everything.(Exodus 33:18-23; 40:34-38;

††† 2 Chronicles 5:13-14)

Godís glory is best seen in Jesus Christ. (Hebrew 1:1-3; John )

In the entire universe, only two of Godís creations fail to bring glory to Him:fallen angels (demons) and us (people). (Romans 3:23)

III. How can I bring Glory to God?

1.††††† Worshipping Him (Romans )

2.††††† Loving Other Believers (Romans 15:7)

3.††††† Becoming like Christ (2 Corinthians )

4.††††† Serving Others with our Gifts (1 Peter -11)

5.††††† Telling Others about Him (2 Corinthians )

IV. What will you live for?

1.††††† Living for God requires a change of priorities

2.††††† God will give you everything you need to live for him

3.††††† God loves you and that he made you for His purposes

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