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Dec 12 Sermon: The Watchful & Caring Eyes of the Shepherd Dec 12 Sermon: The Watchful & Caring Eyes of the Shepherd

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Dec 12 Sermon: The Watchful & Caring Eyes of the Shepherd

Posted on Sun, Dec 12, 2004

December 12 Sermon:  The Watchful and Caring Eyes of the Shepherd
Scripture:  Luke 2:8
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
 In the same country where Jesus was being born, the Bible lets us know there were shepherds caring for their flock.  In the same country while Jesus was being born into this mean and evil world, there were shepherds that had watchful and caring eyes for their sheep.
 It was night time when the Great Shepherd came into this world of hurt, darkness and pain.  Many of us, if we would admit it, are in a darkness.  In the darkness, there is a Shepherd in our midst.  He protects us, watches over us and loves us.  Some of us donít seem to understand that sheep need taking care of, that they are considered dumb animals.  All you have to do is tell them to go right and theyíll go right.  Let me tell you, there is a Shepherd who sits high and looks low.
 The wolf is after the sheep.  Heíll dress up like a sheep to fit in.  You see the wolf with the fish sign on the back of his car, heís quoting John 3:16 and Psalm 23, heís listening to church music Ė but pull back the cover and you will see the wolf.  The shepherd is looking for the wolf thatís dressing up as a credit card getting you to charge stuff you know you canít pay for when the time comes. 
 In a far country there were shepherds watching over their flock by night.  The angel gave the news to working men Ė men who got dirt under their fingernails, men who got sweaty.  A lot of church folks like to talk, have good ideas, they stand around and criticize but donít want to work.  God is looking for some folks that want to work.  You want the shepherd to do all the work.  You want the shepherd to drive from Desoto to Wynne Community to pray for you and you are two minutes away and wonít pray for someone.
 I had a job when I was younger working the 3-11 shift.  I hated it, I called off every chance I got or hid whenever I could.  Many of us here today hate the shift that God has given us.  We got dope dealers selling to brothers and cousins just to make a dollar for themselves - destroying the community.  God is looking for folks to work the night shift even when they donít get all the glory of those working during the day.
 There were four night watches but Jesus was found working not only the day shift but also the night shift.  Iím glad I have a Shepherd that not only watches but is working the day shift and night shift.  The shepherds changed shifts because they got tired and got a little sleepy.  But there is a shepherd that never slumbers and never sleeps.  Heís on his watch 24-7.  Heís wide awake.  Many of you get 2-3 hours of sleep because youíre worrying about your children or your finances.  Why donít you go to sleep because you have a shepherd who is watching over you?  The Good Shepherd, Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star is watching over me, protecting me. 
 The same night the Good Shepherd wrapped in swaddling clothes, born in Bethlehem of Judea.  Iím glad this Shepherd is Lord of my life.  He loves me when I go astray.  Hell is in the church and community but Iím glad my Shepherd is taking care of me.  Thank God that He is in the midst of your nights thatís filled with loneliness, hurt, martial problems, and pain every where.  You are trying to get out but you canít because you canít see that far.  You have a Shepherd, a Savior watching over you. 
 I thank God that He doesnít fall asleep on me.  Thank God for the watchful eye of the Shepherd.
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