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December 18, 2005 Sermon: Thank God For Favor December 18, 2005 Sermon: Thank God For Favor

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December 18, 2005 Sermon: Thank God For Favor

Posted on Sun, Dec 18, 2005

December 18, 2005 Sermon: Thank God For Favor
Scripture:  Luke 1: 26-30
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
I donít want you to get so caught up in this Christmas season to thank God for His favor.  Favor that looks beyond our faults and sees all our needs.  Favor that permitted his love while we were yet sinners; favor that he died on the cross for us. 
There was a peasant woman by the name of Mary that received the favor of God.  She was from the poor side of town that received favor of the Lord.
In 2 Corinthians 9:15 Paul said thanks be to God for his indescribable gift.  We love putting people in a picture frame, putting description on people.  You cannot do that to favor.  Favor is indescribable.  Iím scared of Christians who can always explain why God is doing things in their life Ė I donít smoke, I donít drink, I go to bed early Ė they are always looking for a reason.  Sometimes God just blesses you in spite of you.  Sometimes Godís favor can catch you unprepared. 
Mary was engaged to Joseph, she was preparing for a wedding.  The Holy Spirit dropped a baby in her womb.  So now instead of preparing for a wedding, sheís preparing to have a child.  No matter how much you plan, God can change those plans.  Favor is unexplainable. 
Explain to me how a woman can have a child without a man.  Some of you are so smart.  Explain to me how God can save a wretch like you and me.  We ought to thank God for his favor because we are not deserving.  The favor is Godís gift, not your intelligence, not that degree hanging on your wall but because God loved us so much he gave us his only begotten Son.  God blesses us anyhow.  When we think about the things we have done in 2005, when we think about the way we have lived in 2005, God has blessed you anyhow.  Somebody ought to thank God for the favor.
It has been the grace of God that has been with you all of your life.  The only way you got out of that mess was God worked it out, thank God for his favor.  You drive what you drive and you live where you live because of Godís favor.  God has moved us forward because of favor.  Thank God how he made a way out of no way.  Thank God for his favor.  Itís not because of you or your Pastor, its Godís favor. 
When I think about it, I have to thank Him for his grace.  Thank him for his favor.  He didnít have to bless you but he blessed you anyhow.  When God has his hands on you Satan canít mess with you.  When Godís hand is on you, you donít have to worry or fret.
Rejoice because you are highly favored.  God has blessed you.  You got up this morning and didnít even thank God but he blessed you anyhow.
Rejoice Mary, you are highly favored among women.  Rejoice New Hope, you have been blessed.  Itís indescribable.  We did not deserve it but God blessed us anyway.  Stop trying to figure it out and explain every thing.  You have it because God blessed you.  Godís favor is on your children when you send them off to school in the morning and they make it back home. 
Godís favor.
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