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December 26 Sermon: I知 Looking For More

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December 26 Sermon: I知 Looking For More

Posted on Sun, Dec 26, 2004

December 26 Sermon:  I知 Looking For More
Scripture:  Luke 2:41-52
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
 Are you satisfied as you reflect on the years past to the last Sunday in 2004?  I need to ask 鄭re you satisfied? 
 As you look back on how God has brought you through and blessed you, are you satisfied or are you looking for more?  Whatever you have or need, God痴 got it.  He痴 ready to take you to another level and pour out blessings that you won稚 have room enough to receive.
 You would think at the age of 12 that Jesus would be thinking like most teenagers, the first one out of the door after benediction has been said, to hang out with their friends.  As Mary and Joseph prepared to go back to Nazareth, Jesus hung back talking to the doctors and lawyers.  He was looking for more.  At the age of 12 a Jewish boy was moving into the age of manhood.  Many of us are satisfied to show up, to have our name on the roll, to pay the same amount of money every Sunday and you aren稚 looking for more.  Thank God for what He has done and what He痴 going to do.  But I知 not satisfied with where I am.  I want more.
 Jesus separated himself from the group in order to learn more from His Father.  You will never get the blessings from the Lord until you walk away from your life style, living in sin.  You have got to separate from your old way of thinking.  Satan has tricked you into thinking you are going to be this way forever, after all your mama was this way.  You have got to learn to tell Satan to get away.  Tell him 鉄ee ya; I can稚 hang out on the cuts anymore because I知 hanging with Jesus. 
 The reason we don稚 have more is because we are hanging out with folks that don稚 have more.  Some of us have to let go of old religious notions.  Some of us are so religious we won稚 fellowship with the CME, but if you want more you need to let go of those old thinkings.
 If you want more, you have got to seek God and all His righteousness.  If you want more joy, money, seek after your father痴 business.  If you want it, look and pray towards Jesus.
 There is more healing and deliverance for your life in Jesus.  Is there anybody here that wants more?  Read the last passage of the text, it says 鄭nd Jesus increased in wisdom and stature..... 
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