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December 4, 2005 Sermon: Anger Management December 4, 2005 Sermon: Anger Management

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December 4, 2005 Sermon: Anger Management

Posted on Sat, Dec 17, 2005

December 4, 2005 Sermon: Anger Management
Scripture:  James 1:19
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
Why are you so angry?  We live in an angry society.  Be careful who you bump up against because people are so full of anger it just oozes from their spirit.  Some folks love to be angry because they want to walk around and be Mr. Bad Leroy Brown.  They love to walk around angry so they can turn around and tell you ďthatís just the way I amĒ.  God wants us to learn how to manage our anger and keep it in control.  To be a Christian, we have to learn how to keep some things to ourselves.  Some of us are sitting here right now struggling with anger. 
In society when you struggle, judges order you to anger management classes.  In class they teach you to count to 10 or go outdoors and walk it off.  Godís anger management class is easy.  He says to be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath. 
One reason we get angry with each other is we listen to what you are saying but we donít hear what being said.  You donít have to respond to everything, it wonít hurt you to listen.  Parents, listen to your children.  They are trying to tell you something.  The Bible says not to drive our children to wrath.  Spouses, if we learn how to listen, we can avoid the anger.  
Not only must we be swift to hear but slow to speak.  Take your mirror, look at yourself and say ďyou talk too muchĒ.  Learn to control your tongue before you speak.  When you slow down in your talk, she wonít get so mad at you and you wonít get so mad at her.  Anger management Ė you have to be swift to hear, be low to speak and be slow to wrath.  Sometimes itís good to hold down your fire just a little while longer.  You might realize you have no reason to be mad.  We, as Christians, need to learn to hold down our anger.  It doesnít say donít get angry, must be slow to anger.  You ought to get angry about sin.  You should not get angry at her sins but you should get angry at your own.  You should get angry about dope dealers on every corner.  You should get angry about Christians slipping and sliding.  You should get angry at every indignation going on in your life. 
You are human but you should have control of your own emotions.  Learn how to be slow to anger.  Ephesians 4:26 tells us not to let the sun go down on our wrath.  There comes a time when you have to let to and let God have His way.  God wants us to have the joy of the Lord.  He wants us to enjoy this lifeís journey.  But you canít enjoy the Lord with anger in your heart.  You canít enjoy each other with anger in your heart.  You have to learn to let it go in one ear and through the other ear.
Iím glad I serve a God who is slow to anger.  Iím glad I serve a God who looked through all my faults and saw my needs.  Iím glad He gave me the joy of the Lord in my spirit.  Donít let anger destroy the joy in your spirit.
Love covers a multitude of sins.  Donít let anger control your life.  Learn how to love.  Anger is one of the strongholds in our life.  Learn how to manage your anger.
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