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Feb 29: Christian Love is Life’s Most Valuable Commodity

Posted on Sat, Feb 21, 2004

February 29:  Christian Love is Life’s Most Valuable Commodity

                        1 Corinthians 13: 1-3, 13


            Of all the spiritgual gifts God has bestowed upon us, love is the most valuable.  No matter how successful you may think you are, how well you speak, or where you live, without love you are unsuccessful.  Love, however, does not come without a price.  Although God loves us unconditionally, He yet desires our commitment of faith and obedience.  Others develop love for us because of the purity of our hearts, the kindness we display, and Christian love we share toward others.  Christian love provides meaning and purpose to one’s life unlike the false sense of love and temporary gratification we receive from our material or worldly possessions.

            Some people believe they can buy love through expensive gifts, trips, and money, but these only provide a false sense of love and gratification.  While our immediate needs may be met through these tokens, their purpose eventually fades away like the luster of brass.  God is more than capable of sustaining our needs and even promises to meet them all, but He charges us to love one another as Christians to receive all of His blessings.

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