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February 5, 2006 Sermon: Praise Him

Posted on Sun, Feb 5, 2006

February 5, 2006 Sermon: Praise Him
Scripture:  Psalms 150
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
Praise him this morning for everything he has done for you.  Stop wasting your time complaining, saying what you donít have.  Stop throwing your pity party.  Just praise the Lord. 
Itís a shame man is the only creature that has to be prodded to praise the Lord.  When you get up in the morning you can hear the birds chirping.  They are praising the Lord.  The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.  It is praising the Lord.  The flowers stand at attention when the sun is shining on them.  They are praising the Lord. 
You are quiet today but you are breathing in and out.  You ought to say something.  If B.B. King came on talking about the thrill is gone, you wouldnít be quiet.  Somebody in this house ought to give God the praise.
The scripture say in the first verse to praise him in his sanctuary.  While we are here on Sunday morning, praise is going on in heaven.  All the saints are bowing down in heaven praising the Lord.  We are here to lift up Jesus name.  This is a place of praise.  This is not a place of fashion.  Itís not the place for us to think about the bling-bling on your finger.  Itís not the place to sleep, stay at home to sleep.
The second verse tells us to praise him for his mighty acts, for his greatness.  All of us have a reason to praise his name.  It doesnít matter whatís going on in your life.  Itís the Lord taking care of you even when you canít take care of yourself.  Jesus is the one that has blessed me with a wife and three children.  All of us have a reason to praise his name.  Praise him because you have a reason to praise his name.  The scripture tells to praise his name.  Verse 1 starts out praising his name and verse 6 closes praising his name.  Praises shall continually come out of my mouth.  Praise him if you are in pain, praise him if you are broke, praise him if you are tired, praise him if you feel lost, and praise him if they lie on you.  Let everything that has breath praise God anyhow.
Wave you hand and praise the name of the Lord.  If you canít move your finger, if you canít move your hand, if you canít move your fee, praise the name of the Lord anyhow.  When I think about how he saved a wretch like me, how he bled and died on an old rugged cross, how he got up early that Sunday morning, I just have to praise his name.  
Isnít he good all the time?  Iím gong to praise him.  Heís been too good to me.  Let everything that has breath praise him.  Say thank you Jesus for all that he has done.  Praise his name.  Godís been good to you.  Heís supplied you with all your needs.  Heís done great things for you.
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