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July 11 Sermon: Iím Ready To Build

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July 11 Sermon: Iím Ready To Build

Posted on Mon, Jul 12, 2004

July 11 Sermon:  Iím Ready To Build
Scripture:  Nehemiah 4:13-20
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
 New Hope, itís time for us to build.  Are you ready to build up your lives, your finances, your homes?  Are you ready for the church of the Living God to build whatís in store for you?  God is preparing us to build.  Those that are ready to build need to talk to and tell those that are not ready.  Generation X should really be called Generation L for lazy.  Many folks donít want to work, donít want to suffer, and donít want to build up the Kingdom.  They just want thing handed to them on a platter.
 If you are going to build something, you have got to be willing to fight.  You fight Satan with the Word of God.  There is an evil spirit in this community.  Thatís how Satan has taken control of us.  We need to realize that our Daddy is a bad boy, we need to learn to lean on Him.
 Inferiority complex is one of the evil spirits we have in this community and in this church.  Money is another thing that causes us to act a fool.  We have sat back and let Satan have his way.  If you want to take back your home, your church, your children, your marriage, you have got to be ready to fight.
 Not only do you have to be ready to fight, you also have to be ready to listen.  For twelve years I have been blowing the trumpet.  If God tells me to preach against homosexuality, Iím gong to sound the trumpet.
 Some of you have changed the channel.  But easy listening wonít help you.  The Word of God will help you and make you ready to build.
 Debris and trash are in your life because you are not listening to the trumpet.  I challenge each one of you this week, if you are serious about getting rid of the debris and trash from you life to pray, read the fourth chapter of Nehemiah and pray again for seven days.  If you do this and just listen to what God is saying, I guarantee you the trash and debris wont be able to stay. 
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