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July 18 Sermon: Itís The Remix

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July 18 Sermon: Itís The Remix

Posted on Tue, Jul 20, 2004

July 18 Sermon: Itís The Remix
Scripture:  Nehemiah 4
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
 What made a difference around the wall at Jerusalem?  90 years had made no progress, rubbish was everywhere, and the community was in shambles.  But here they are, 52 days later, the city rebuilt.  They moved from destruction to determination to get the work done.  We need to ask ourselves ďwhat will make a difference in my life?Ē
 There were some things Israel did to make a change in their life.  Verse 8 tells us when Israel saw the enemy laughing at them, ridiculing them and about to attack them they didnít go in their closet to pull out a gun.  They prayed to their God.  You canít just go through the motions on Sunday morning.  You have got to have a prayer life like Grandma had, like that sister that lay her hand on you and it almost knocks you down.  In verse 6 they had a mind to work.  Youíve got to have a made up mind.  Tell Satan ďIím not in agreement with youĒ.
 Philippians 4:13 ďI can do all things through Christ which strengthened meĒ.  You need to stop agreeing with Satan and agree with Christ.
 In verse 14 you have got to stop being afraid.  Say ďIím not scaredĒ.  God is saying a new thing in a different way.  Step out on your faith and God will make a difference in your life.  The preacher from the revival preached Proverbs 25:28 ďHe that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without wallsĒ.  Some of us are missing it.  The same things happened to Israel is happening right now in Wynne community. 
 Make up your mind.  How many want a change in your life?  How many know that God will make a change in your life?  How many are tired of the say your life is going?
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