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June 6 Sermon: Hold On To Your Integrity June 6 Sermon: Hold On To Your Integrity

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June 6 Sermon: Hold On To Your Integrity

Posted on Mon, Jun 7, 2004

June 6 Sermon: Hold On To Your Integrity
Scripture: Job 2:3-10
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
 A serious crisis is going on in our colleges and schools Ė cheating.  With our high tech age, many of our young people are taking advantage of it.  They are sending text message on their cell phone to one another with test answers.  These are our future lawyers, doctors and policemen.  Picture yourself being pulled over by a policemen and he says you were doing 75 miles per hour and your speedometer clearly said you were doing 60.  We live in a society where people will lie at the drop of a hat and not think about it; where they would rather do wrong than do right Ė all just to get ahead. 
 Integrity simply means to look straight, be upright and tell the truth.  God expects us as Christians to be upright.  Sometimes when we are down, Satan will offer you a good thing.  God holds us to a higher standard.  He expects us to walk like Jesus not like the world.  You have a responsibility to walk and talk like a Christian in this community, not just on Sunday, but every day.
 Job lost every thing he had.  In the midst of his losses and tribulations, he was still praising Godís name and holding on to Godís unchanging hand.  But Satan would not quit on his crusade to destroy man.  All around us is the handiwork of Satan to destroy the community and the church.  He knows if he destroys man, he can destroy the family and the next generation.  He wonít quit because thatís his job.  He sought permission to destroy Job Ė he could not do anything to Job without Godís permission.
 Satan used the persuasion of Jobís wife to try to get to Job.  She decided there was no use in praising God any longer; she tried to get Job to walk away from God.  Be careful how you use words that you know are not Christian against other people.  The curse you put on others is like putting a curse on God.  Donít allow Satan to affect your character.  Hold on to your integrity.  Job told his wife she was a foolish woman if she thought he was going to turn his back on God.  It gets hard some times, you want to give up and throw in the towel.  But do the right thing in season, when things are going well and when things are going bad.  Just hold on to your integrity. 
 He is a good God, in good health and in poor health.  Donít give in to the temptations of the devil. 
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