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March 13 Sermon:  How To Deal With The Peninahs March 13 Sermon: How To Deal With The Peninahs

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March 13 Sermon: How To Deal With The Peninahs

Posted on Sun, Mar 13, 2005

March 13  Devotion Scripture Luke 6: 27-37
Sermon:  How To Deal With The Peninahs
Scripture:  1 Samuel 1: 1-11
Sermon delivered by Assistant Pastor Mark Porter
No matter how much we walk around with crosses around our necks and fish symbols on your cars, somebody knows how to vex your spirit, run your blood pressure up, and push the right button to set you off.  If you haven’t met anyone like that, just keep on living.
Hannah had someone like that in her life.  She had Peninah.  They were married to the same man.  Peninah had children but Hannah did not. Every year they went to the temple, Elkanah would give a share to Peninah and her kids and he would also give a healthy portion to Hannah despite her being childless. 
Peninah was jealous and would make fun of Hannah and cause Hannah much grief.  People hate on you because you are blessed.  Tell them “don’t hate, but congratulate”.  When Peninah should have gone to Hannah and given her comfort, she agitated her instead.  The relentlessly agitating provoked Hannah.  What effect did that have on Hannah?  Look at Verse 7 – she wept and did not eat.  It sent her to a deep depression. 
How do you deal with your Phinanahs?  Your first though might be to slap her face, curse her out, slice and dice her.  But the test tells us in Verse 7 “don’t get bitter, just get better”.  If you wallow in the mud with a pig, you are going to be just like a pig.  Learn how to control yourself, not somebody else.  Let go of that jealousy and that anger.  You cannot control people no matter how much you try. 
They went to the temple year after year.  Hannah did not eat.  Just because your Peninah goes to church, you should not stop going, don’t stay at home.  Come to church, come to fellowship, come to the table and eat. 
In verses 9-11, notice what Hannah did when Peninah did relentlessly provoke her?  She prayed unto the Lord and wept bitterly before the Lord. 
How do you deal with your Peninahs?  Just put a prayer on Peninah.  You want to see her act right?  Put a prayer on her.  Fall down on your knees and do just like Hannah did.  Pray to the Lord.  The Lord blessed Hannah with Samuel and many more children.  See what prayer can do?
Put a prayer on them.  The Bible says He will make your enemy your foot stool.  The closer you walk with the Lord, the closer you have devotion with the Lord, the more people will talk about you.  You have got to forgive them, like Jesus did when He was hanging on the cross when He said “forgive them Lord because they know not what they do”.  You have to forgive your Phinanah. It may be your relative, it may be your used to be best friend, they may be here right now.  Just get better and put a prayer on them.
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