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March 7 Sermon: He Did It Just For Me

Posted on Wed, Mar 10, 2004

Topic:He Did It Just For Me

Scripture: Isaiah 53:5

The sermon was delivered by Pastor Williams

The Passion of The Christ is causing many people that have not been inside a church to know the Lord and ask why He had to suffer the way He did.He did it for you and me!

Sin is a big problem.Itís the reason children act the way they do or the reason spouses act the way they do.Many of us think we can solve our own problems.We need to stand back and let Jesus work it out.The price He paid - He did it for me and for you!Thatís a price we are not willing to pay.Not only did He allow himself to suffer - He paid the ultimate price - He gave up His life!Somebody had to die for you and I Ė no one but Jesus was good enough. With His stripes we are healed!

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