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May 8 Sermon:  The Power of a Praying Mother May 8 Sermon: The Power of a Praying Mother

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May 8 Sermon: The Power of a Praying Mother

Posted on Sun, May 8, 2005

May 8 Sermon:  The Power of a Praying Mother
Scripture:  I Samuel 1: 9-18
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
Prayer sometimes is not your only solution but your best solution.  Prayer is the best thing for your situation.  There’s power in prayer.  It’s hard for mothers to accept this concept because mothers feel they are the only ones that can put a band-aid or kiss on top of the head to make it right.  There comes a time when they are grown and you can’t put them across your knees.  You have got to learn to pray. Thank God for a praying mother that don’t let go until “you bless my child”. 
Hannah was a praying mother.  She had not had a child but she had a mother’s spirit.  She prayed every day to the Lord. She prayed in spite of her self pity.  If anybody had a reason to throw a pit party everyday of her life, it was Hannah.  She was a barren woman; her husband had a second wife that had children. 
Today’s woman says she bought her own house, she bought her own car, and she bought the rings on her finger.  She don’t need a man cause she can do it all for herself.  But you need someone sometimes. 
Don’t throw a pity party.  Throw a praise party.  Hannah prayed on it.  Many of us when we are picked on pick back.  I dare you to get down on your knees and pray for them.  Have you ever been picked out to be picked on?  If you want power in your prayer, pray with power, pray with promise.  Hannah prayed “God if you give me a child, I’ll give it back to you”.  Many of us say things we don’t intend to keep.  We need to learn how to pray with promise.  Some people make promises and you can look in their eyes and see that they have no intention to keep.  Learn how to pray with purpose.  That means pray with a singleness of mind, focus in on what you want. 
As Hannah prayed, she prayed for just one child.  Don’t limit your prayers when you pray with purpose.  Make sure when you pray, your purpose is lined up with God’s purpose.  Make sure His will is done in your life.  Learn how to pour your spirit out.  It shows in Verse 15 how Hannah was pouting out her spirit to God that the priest thought she was drunk. 
Let it go and let God have His way.  Let go of the envy, the jealousy, the pride, the grief, the bitterness and the anger.  Some of us, many Christians, don’t have any power because you are holding on to many things in your life. 
The scripture says that Hannah prayed from her heart.  Her lips were moving but no words were coming out.  If you want power in your prayer this morning, pour it out.  We have some mothers who see their children in trouble; they fall down prostrate before the Lord.  I know you might be angry; you might be hurt but pout it out.  Come before God like an empty vessel and let God have His way.  Watch Jesus make a way out of no way.  Watch Jesus bring that wayward child back.  Watch Jesus mend a broken heart. 
Thank God for a praying mother.  She may not have a lot of money or a lot of knowledge.  But thank God for a mama that will fall on her knees and pray for you when you mess up.  There is a mother above all mothers whose name is Jesus.  The first words that came out of His mouth on that old rugged cross were “forgive them for they know not what they do”.  I’m so glad I have a praying mother that prayed for me.  When she was broke, when she was struggling, when she was despondent.  There’s power in prayer. 
Because Hannah prayed, God blessed her with a child.  He granted her petition.  A true mother never stops praying for her child.  There’s power when you depend on the power of prayer.  It’s not complicated to pray.  Sometimes you just have to say “Lord have mercy”, “Lord protect my child from all hurt, harm and danger”. 
Keep praying with promise and keep praying with purpose.  There’s power in prayer.
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