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No Matter What, I Must Touch No Matter What, I Must Touch

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No Matter What, I Must Touch

Posted on Sun, Aug 7, 2005

August 7, 2005 Sermon: No Matter What, I Must Touch
Scripture:  Mark 5: 25-31
Sermon delivered by Pastor Fred Williams
This woman in the scripture had a negative bank account, her 401K was gone.  She has gone from doctor to doctor, from specialist to specialist, she was at a point of desperation.  But she heard that Dr. Jesus was in town.  All the people were around Jesus making i5 difficult to get through.  She concluded that no matter what ďI must touchĒ. 
Isnít it a shame that you say youíve been a Christian all your life and youíve never touched Jesus?  Youíve been in the church all your life serving on the Usher Board; youíve been in the church all your life singing in the choir; youíve been in the church all your life serving as a deacon - but youíve never touched Jesus.  I donít care how much you shout on Sunday morning or how much you wave your hands, if you got hate in your heart, you canít touch God with an unforgiving heart.
This woman had a spirit of determination.  Youíve got to learn how to say ďno matter whatĒ.  There was a crowd around Him, no doubt some agitators, some church folks but she had a ďno matter whatĒ attitude.  This woman had a problem with an issue of blood.  In Leviticus, it tells you when a woman was in this condition that she had to stay home until the priest blessed her.  Isnít it a shame that many of you let people in this church and this community make you stay at home and miss your blessing?
Iím amazed at church folks that just because they donít smoke; they think they are touching God when they are no more than filthy rags.  Faith is the only thing that pleases Jesus.  This woman, in spite of her uncleanness, touched the hem of His garment.  She had faith.  Every Jew had to wear four tassels on the hem of their garment as a sign of obedience.  If you believe God will make a way out of no way, youíve got to have faith.
My friends have turned their backs on me.  Iíve got to touch Him.  This womanís faith healed her.  She had to touch Him.  I donít care what they say, just touch him.  Donít worry about the naysayers.  You might be tired, but be determined.  No matter what Ė reach out and touch Jesus.  Touch him with faith.  If you donít have faith, you are just putting on a show every Sunday morning.  When you touch Jesus with faith, you get more back in return.  You will get back healing in your life.  You always get back from Jesus more than you give. 
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